Artist’s Statement

Photography is an amazing medium.  It can create a precise record or an interesting distortion.   It can be powerful and moving.  Like most visual art forms, it brings to the foreground something worthy that might have been overlooked or undervalued. Photography keeps me looking for what might be interesting or beautiful.  I spend an enormous amount of time just looking.  

I seek to impart through my work a discerning view that captures the vitality of our natural world, the feeling of a place or moment or the unique quality of a human face or form.

My first camera was a little Kodak Instamatic – the kind with cube flashes that
put remarkable spots before your eyes and made your friends and family openly
curse you.  There were many over worked little cameras during the course of my childhood.  When I turned 21, I bought my first 35mm, manual SLR.  I walked out
of the camera shop light headed with joy and with an iron-clad addiction.

I attended University of Hartford Art School and graduated from Temple University. I've made pottery, carved clay, painted and sketched.  I became very busy with the pragmatic side of work and family - but even when all other creative pursuits were put on the back burner, photography remained ever present.

In 2004, I began shooting portraits, product and commercial photography.  I began taking my personal work more seriously and had my first solo show in March of 2007.
May, 2011          Bendzius Art Gallery - Group Show - Riverton, NJ
December, 2010  Bendzius Art Gallery - Group Show - Riverton, NJ 

December, 2009  Ryan John Art Salon - Solo Show - Philadelphia, PA
February, 2008 - Ongoing
Aug-Dec, 2007    ZC Gallery - Portland, Oregon
May, 2007          Philly Arts for ALS - Group Exhibition - Juried Auction - Blue Bell,  PA
March, 2007       The Frame House - Solo Show - Elkins Park, PA
Charleston Stevens Photography